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fwd:Two edtorials about wiretapping bill in Japan

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Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 03:30:26 +0900
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From:ogr@nsknet.or.jp (Toshimaru Ogura)
Subject:[censor 1881] Two edtorials about wiretapping bill in Japan
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Japanese newspapers, Yomiuri Shimbun and Nippon Keizai
Shimbun (Nikkei) are appeared editorial essays about
wiretapping bill in Japan.

Nikkei's editorial is appeared today. It has apprehension
about overuse and violation of secrecy of information that
is guaranteed by Japanese Constitution. So it propose more
serious consideration and opposes to approve the bill at
the next ordinary Diet session in Spring 1997 though not
absolutely opposite attitude to the bill.

Yomiuri's editorial at 9th Oct. has a different attitude.
It is more favorable to the bill. It says the reasons as
follows: The recent most important task in international
society is to defend civilian life and economic activity
against terrorism and organized crime. UN and Summit
proposed to strengthen international cooperation and
establish legislative measure about above matters. Japan
has never done about legislative measure though western
advanced countries have already done it. So Japan has to do

Yomiiuri has hardly any consideration to people's human
rights about free speech and privacy. And Yomiuri has never
references to the effect of wiretapping. Is the US
more safty society than Japan because the US is more easily
to wiretap? Or Is the US police able to sweep out terrorism
and organised crime by using wiretapping and violating
people's privacy? I do not think so. Rather people are
violated their privacy and other things remain as before.
Therefore Yomouri's editorial has nothing of reasonable
support of the bill. It is only propaganda. But Yomiuri has
the largest readers in Japan, maybe over one million
readers, so we cannot ignore it's influence.

I open No Wiretapping Bill Home Page.
If you can readin Japanese, please check my HP.
URL is
Someparts are in English.

Toshimaru Ogura
toshi@jca.or.jp ogr@nsknet.or.jp
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