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childish pornad

Falls es jemanden interessiert, was das nun fuer ein
Fall ist, lassenb wir mal offen.

<H1>Arrest may be near in child porn e-mail ad</H1>

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The FBI hinted Wednesday that it was 
close to making an arrest in the case of a child pornography 
ad sent to computers around the world via e-mail.

The messages apparently originated in New York, urging 
recipients to send money to "Child Fun" for pornographic 
photos, games and tapes. The e-mail appeared to come from two 
accounts at America Online, and AOL officials disconnected 
the accounts and began to investigate.

"We have determined that they were not the actual senders, " 
said William Burrington, AOL's director of law and public 
policy. "We're not sure yet now those AOL addresses were able 
to be used to send this material, but we're confident that 
the subscribers were not the ones."

Burrington also said that AOL's subscriber data bases were 
not compromised.

The e-mail prompted a flood of outraged phone calls to police 
departments and FBI offices across the country. The bureau 
released a statement Tuesday saying that the mailing was a 
hoax, and that it was investigating.

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