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HUMOUR - software testing

Tag allerseits,

es folgt mal wieder eine amüsante Geschichte von Fringeware.

Gruß, Boris.

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>Subject: HUMOUR - software testing
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>People for the Ethical Treatment of Software
>     People for Ethical Treatment of Software (PETS) announced today
>that more software companies have been added to the group's "watch list"
>of companies that regularly practice software testing.  "There is no
>need for software to be mistreated in this way so that companies like
>these can market new products," said Ken Grandola, spokesperson for
>PETS. "Alternative methods of testing these products are available."
>According to PETS, these companies force software to undergo
>lenghty and arduous tests, often without rest, for hours or days at a
>time. Employees are assigned to "break" the software by any means
>necessary, and inside sources report that they often joke about
>"torturing" the software.
>     "It's no joke," said Grandola.  "Innocent programs, from the day
>they are compiled, are cooped up in tiny rooms and "crashed" for hours
>on end.  They spend their whole lives on dirty, ill-maintained
>computers, and are unceremoniously deleted when they're not needed any
>more." Grandola said the software is kept in unsanitary conditions and
>is infested with bugs. "We know that alternatives to this horror
>exist," he said, citing industry giant Microsoft Corporation as a
>company that has become successful without resorting to software

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