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Web Search Service Exposes Searches to Public Viewing (fwd)

zur Kenntnis:

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>>Subject: cr> Web Search Service Exposes Searches to Public Viewing
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>>      Web Search Service Exposes Searches to Public Viewing
>>            by Lauren Weinstein, Privacy Forum Digest
>>     In a new twist related to privacy problems, one of the more
>>major Web search services, the "Magellan Internet Guide" from the
>>Mckinley Group, Inc. (http://www.mckinley.com), has implemented a
>>feature which allows anyone to "spy" on other people's searches.
>>Called the "Search Voyeur", the mechanism automatically shows the
>>text of 20 current, randomly selected searches, refreshed every 20
>>seconds.  They certainly haven't been trying to hide it; it was
>>prominently mentioned in one of their press releases.
>>     While origin address information is not included, and they say
>>they don't show searches that go beyond their "editorial
>>guidelines" (presumably an obscenity filter), even a brief viewing
>>of the searches flying by suggests a substantial privacy risk.
>>Search keywords often include individuals' names associated with
>>various actions or activities.  While some of the searches can best
>>be described as "amusing", it doesn't take too long to see others
>>that are troubling at best and potentially significant privacy
>>violations at worst.
>>     While the "Search Voyeur" is listed (without explanation) as
>>a link on their home page along with a search form box, there is no
>>explicit statement warning users that their searches could
>>potentially be viewed by anyone on the net.
>>     The entire concept seems ill-advised.  The PRIVACY Forum has
>>made repeated email and telephone attempts to obtain any kind of
>>statement or interview from McKinley (and their new owner, Excite,
>>Inc.) about this issue.  These attempts have so far been completely
>>unsuccessful; email has been ignored and promised return phone
>>calls have not been forthcoming.
>>Posted by Adam Starchild
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>>(Reprinted by permission of Adam Starchild.--Andy)
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