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BSA slams Clinton crypto policy (fwd)

Declan McCullagh wrote:
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Subject: BSA slams Clinton crypto policy
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[Good news for the Net, bad news for Clinton. BSA is primarily Microsoft.=
(Go, Bill!) I invite the folks from BSA on fight-censorship to provide=20
more details if available. --Declan]


Wired News
Software Group Reverses Crypto Stance

BRIEF =A0 4:57 pm PST 3 Dec 96 -- The Business Software Alliance has=20
reversed itself and now opposes the Clinton Administration's encryption=20
policy, Reuters says. The group, which includes Microsoft and Lotus, said=
Tuesday Clinton has backtracked on the policy. At issue is the=20
government's desire for real-time key recovery software, for which the=20
BSA says there is no market. The group had assumed the software would be=20
developed for stored data only.