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Re(2): EMM (fwd)

Hier ist ein Beispiel fuer einen aehnlichen Fall in den USA

Theodor W. Schlickmann

*** CompuServe reports e-mail court victory

CompuServe, after winning a court decision making unauthorized junk
e-mail illegal, responded Thursday to a report that Cyber Promotions,
Inc., a commercial mass e-mailer, would not accept a federal court's
halting of its spamming activities directed against CompuServe
subscribers. Cyber Promotions indicated that it would appeal the
decision, which follows the settlement of a similar suit. That
settlement allows Cyber Promotions to send junk e-mail to another
Internet service provider's members. CompuServe said its goal "was to
see this through to a binding court decision." For the full text
story, see http://www.merc.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=1425511-f29


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