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**LAWSUIT** IAHC Shit hits the legal fan!

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Date: Thu, 13 Feb 97 19:31:00 EST
From: John Palmer <jp@PalmerOwns.The.Earth>
To: iahc-discuss@iahc.org
Subject: Re: Congress reps start to look at IAHC

> This is a fragment of a private message I received that some of you may be
> interested in. I think that American congressional reps may need a little
> help in getting educated about this stuff.
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> Subject: IAHC Proposal
> In talking to a congressional staffer late yesterday, the IAHC proposal
> came up.  Seems that the hill has suddenly started hearing a lot about
> this, and at least a couple congresscritters have contacted NSF for a
> response.
> In particular, Denninger's open letter seems to be getting wide
> at at least one congresscritter has bought into the idea that controling
> domain disputes from Zurich is not a good thing;  that if the US funded
> the creation of the 'net;  the NSF has no place handing a US asset off
> to the Swiss to the detriment of American business - in short, the IAHC's
> intent to remove the US-centricism of domain name registration may well
> backfire.
> When this process started up, most of the players viewed government
> as undersirable.  It seems a number of folks now feel that government
> intervention is the lesser of the two evils of going forward with the
> proposal in it's current form.
> I'm also hearing fairly creditable rumors of a lawsuit to be filed by
> one of the eDNS providers next week.

We will be ready to file next week. Defendants will be:

   Jon Postel
   All of the operators of root name servers in the jurisdiction of the
   US Courts
   Mr. Heath, Mr. Metzger and all IAHC members in the jurisdiction of the
   US Courts.

We will be seeking a court order to force all of the root name servers
to list USA and EARTH in the root zone file UNDER OUR CONTROL. We
will also ask that ISI/USC/IANA/Postel be forced to keep our information
in the master copy of the root zone file.

I have spoken to an aide to Speaker Gingrich on four occasions regarding
this matter. She called me back twice and indictated to me that " ... The
speaker is GREATLY CONCEREND that the dns policy is heading off in
the wrong direction".

I have also spoken to staff members of Congressman Ehlers. He is
also concerned.

I faxed both of them today and implored them to act quickly to
avoid the loss of control of the internet to foreign parties.