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Re: France implements Net-censorship charter

Ich habe soeben die folgende Nachricht erhalten:
Theodor W. Schlickmann
>In fact the Commission Beaussant released a proposed "Charter" on
>self-regulation, and the final version (March 5) is more fluid and less
>dangerous for civil liberties.
>The Commission added some new protections at the last minute. For example :
>there is  distinction between "professional" actors and basic users (who
>talk and exchange idées) : users won't have to follow the Charter, because
>it would be a threat for freedo of expression, which could be regulated
>only by Parliament and the Justice. So this so-called Conseil de l'Internet
>(the propsed name for self-regulating body) may be only a tool for
>professionnals to adopt common basic rules. But the main ISP group (AFPI,
>small-and medium sized ISPs) are against this kind of self-r principles,
>they want a govt-based body.
>The risk would be to see this Conseil (there is an online public debate on
>that Conseil, especially of the composition and degree of intervention) to
>judge quickly on a web site or usenet feeds, but the Charter says that this
>Conseil would be obliged to pronounce itself on "deliberatly illicit
>materials", acording to French laws : racism threat, Holocaust denial, and
>Hope it helped. You can resend it to other people.
>A web site for French speakers who want to subscribe to mailing list and
>participate in the debate:
>the Charter:
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