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Re: Xs4all website censored by German academic internet provide

> An Xs4all subscriber (http://www.xs4all.nl/~radikal) publishes a
> magazine which is considered to be illegal in Germany. The German State
> Prosecutor has 'informed' Deutsches Forschungsnetz about the presence
> of this magazine, which has resulted in the censorship of the entire
> XS4ALL website.


> All these 6000 homepages are now unavailable to the German
> academic Internet community.

It is still possible to access xs4all by using the Anonymizer 
http://www.anonymizer.com You have to enter the address 
(www.xs4all.nl) and the Anonymizer will recieve the page from xs4all 
and send it to you. Unfortunately the Anonymizer server is often 

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