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Re: [News]EU Commissioners Urge Internet Business Caution

On  4 Jun 97 at 17:34, Rigo Wenning wrote:

> >     Another delegate to the conference, organized by The Wall
> >Street Journal Europe, said it would be wrong if governments,
> >especially European ones with little experience of the Internet,
> >attempted overregulation which might impinge on development.
> >     "Any government which is not heavily involved (in online
> >business) has no right to speak," said Roel Pieper, chief
> >executive officer of Tandem Computers Inc. of the United States.

Wer erklaert das den Eurokraten in Bruessel? Eventuelle 
Internet-Strangulations- und Ueberregulierungs-Ambitionen der
EU-Kommission duerften noch schwerer zu stoppen sein als vergleichbare
Aktivitaeten in Bonn/Berlin.

Axel H. Horns