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HYPERLINK-Probleme nicht nur in Berlin ...

Das fand ich heute in RISKS-Forum Digest: Erstaunlich, wie fit
der Nottinghamshire County's barrister in Sachen Gebrauch des WWW und 
von e-Mail ist ...

risko@csl.sri.com (RISKS List Owner) wrote:

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>RISKS-LIST: Risks-Forum Digest  Thursday 12 June 1997  Volume 19 :
>Issue 22

>   (comp.risks) ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy, Peter
>   G. Neumann, moderator

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>Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 13:47:31 -0700
>From: Jeremy Freeman <jeremy@vip.net>
>Subject: Censorship from half way around the world

>Recently, I was checking out the latest news on Hotwired. I came
>across a story of how a controversial, previously unpublished report
>called the JET Report found its way on to the Internet. The report
>detailed how many child abuse cases that occurred in Britain's
>Nottinghamshire County some time ago were incorrectly identified as
>'satanic child abuse'. For some reason the Nottinghamshire County
>Council did not want this report in the open, so they threatened the
>British reporter who posted the report to the Internet with court
>action. Not only did they threaten to sue him if he did not
> remove the report, they threatened to sue if he did not remove the
> Links 
>to mirror sites of the report around the world.

>This bothered me. I believe that any information concerning the
>public should be made available for the public to read. Further, I
>despise the fact that they made the reporter take down Links to
>mirror sites. A link is not infringement of copyright. They used big
>government intimidation and scare tactics to force the burial of the

>So in protest, I mirrored the JET Report on my server and registered
>the page with the search engines.

>Not long after, I received an e-mail from Nottinghamshire County's
>barrister instructing me to remove the "JET Report" or face legal
>action on the grounds I was infringing on their copyright. Fearing a
>long drawn out case in British court, I removed the report and in its
>place put a hyperlink to another mirror site in the United States.
>About 5 hours later I received another e-mail explaining to me that a
>hyperlink to a mirror site was in-effect the same thing as putting
>the report on my page. The e-mail went on to say that if I did not
>remove the link, court action would commence without further notice.

>Now, my page that formerly contained the JET Report contains a
>detailed report of the events surrounding this incident, but not the
>report or any links to it.

>The RISKs are: Assuming one is immune from prosecution even though
>they reside in another country and that a judge will understand that
>providing a link to another site is not the same as hosting it.

>The site detailing these events is:

>Jeremy Freeman, Penticton, BC, Canada