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HYPERLINK-Probleme nicht nur in Berlin ..

Dazu gibt es ein GIlC - Dokument....


>Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 17:40:24 GMT0BST
>From: "Y.AKDENIZ" <lawya@lucs-01.novell.leeds.ac.uk>
>Subject: Immediate release: UK site mirrored
>To: gilc-plan@gilc.org
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>Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)
>For Immediate Release - 3 June 1997
>`UK Nottinghamshire County Council in bid to stop Internet publication
>of controversial child abuse report.'
>The Joint Enquiry Report into the 1988 Broxtowe Case, the inside story
>of UK's first `Satanic Ritual Abuse' case has now been published for
>the first time on the Internet by three UK journalists (Nick Anning,
>David Hebditch and Margaret Jervis). The report which was written in
>1989 by a joint enquiry team (JET) of police and social workers in the
>aftermath of the Broxtowe Case is being made available on the Internet
>in the hope that an informed readership will be able to draw its own
>But Nottinghamshire County Council has threatened (See
><http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~dlheb/legal1.htm>) the three
>journalists with legal action if they fail to remove the controversial
>JET Report from their Internet Web Site on the ground that any copying
>of the report is an infringement of the Nottinghamshire County
>Council's copyright in Britain and the report has been withdrawn from
>its original place on Tuesday afternoon (03 June 1997) but provides
>links to the mirror sites. (See
>Nick Anning, David Hebditch and Margaret Jervis stated in their press
>release on May 30 while launching the report on the Internet that:
>`The report is a fascinating insight into the origins of "satanic
>abuse" and could have done much to prevent later cases such as
>Rochdale and the Orkneys. But, in spite of having a revised edition
>drafted for wider publication, Notts Social Services suppressed the
>JET Report and the enquiry team members were forbidden to speak about
>their findings.'
>The three journalists also stated that:
>`The then director of social services and the chief constable set up a
>joint team to review the evidence regarding satanism and make
>recommendations. The team soon determined that the only satanism in
>the case had been introduced by social workers in concert with a
>Birmingham child abuse consultant and a television journalist..... In
>contrast, social worker proponents of the "satanic abuse" theory were
>free to conduct a national campaign and scores of families throughout
>the country were unjustifiably accused of crimes ranging from ritual
>abuse to human sacrifice.'
>J B Gwatkin one of the authors of the original report stated that:
>`The Report's conclusions and recommendations were ignored. The Report
>had warned that if the presentations of ritual abuse information were
>not stopped there was the likelihood of a "witch-hunt" developing
>which would result in grave injustice and further harm to the children
>concerned by professional staff.'
>Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) has received a request from the
>three journalists to help them to set up a mirror page over the
>Internet. Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) could not mirrror the
>site as they may face the same actions of the Nottinghamshire County
>Council but issued a call to the on-line community late last night for
>setting up mirror sites all around the world and the online community
>responded so quickly to mirror the notorious JET Report. Cyber-Rights
>& Cyber-Liberties (UK) will monitor the mirrors and provide up-to-date
>information related to the Court case as well. See
>Yaman Akdeniz, head of the Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) group
>stated that:
>`This report deserves attention and should be available to the public
>at large. We are grateful to the people who have decided to mirror the
>site and this will once again show that global censorship of the
>Internet is futile and not possible.'
>Professor Peter Junger of Case Western Reserve University Law
>SchoolCleveland who is monitoring the web page at
><http://samsara.law.cwru.edu/comp_law/jetrep.htm> stated that:
>`The Report that the Nottingham County Council hopes to suppress is
>important to an understanding of how the hysteria about `Satanism and
>child abuse' appears to have been spread in the United States as well
>as in the U.K. with the connivance of the public authorities; the idea
>that the publication of this important document on the Internet
>violates the County Council's copyright is preposterous.'
>The central question remains as whether the JET Report had been made
>more widely available to social workers and police in 1990 would these
>cases have been handled differently?
>Mirror Web Sites so far:
>See http://www.double-barrel.be/mirrors/dlheb/
>See http://www.crystalwind.com/free_speech/jetrep.html
>See http://samsara.law.cwru.edu/comp_law/jetrep.htm
>See http://fsinfo.cs.uni-sb.de/~hirvi/mirror/
>Contact Information:
>Mr Yaman Akdeniz
>Address: Centre For Criminal Justice Studies, University of Leeds, LS2
>9JT. Telephone: 0113-2335033 Fax: 0113- 2335056 E-mail:
>lawya@leeds.ac.uk Url: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/law/pgs/yaman/yaman.htm
>Notes for the media:
>The report Nottinghamshire Social Services doesn't want you to read
>can be reached through the list of mirror sites provided at:
>http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~dlheb/jetrepor.htm or
>Broxtowe Case involved Britain's largest ever prosecution of
>multi-generational incest in which the defendants received sentences
>of up to ten years is being made available on the Internet in the hope
>that an informed readership will be able to draw its own conclusions.
>The version of the report published on the World Wide Web in the
>public interest identifies neither the victims nor the family at the
>centre of the Broxtowe Case. The author of this version, John Gwatkin,
>formerly an Area Director for Notts Social Services, approves its
>publication and has a written a special introduction which is also on
>the Web Site.
>Yaman Akdeniz <lawya@leeds.ac.uk>
>Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) at: