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Blockadeaktion gegen Werbung / Spam Wars

Folgende Nachricht ist sicherlich fuer die eine oder den anderen FIFFerling


Edupage,  5 August 1997.

A group of system administrators has decided to fight the "spam" problem
(mass-distributed unsolicited advertisements sent inappropriately) by
blocking all Usenet messages postings sent from UUNet, a major Internet
service provider.  Both sides in the controversy are describing the conflict
in terms of warfare.  The Electronic Freedom Foundation's legal counsel,
Mike Godwin, deplores the blockade as an example of "vigilante action," and
says:  "I'm very much in sympathy because spam really has become an enormous
problem, but not all the messages they're blocking are spam.  This is like
dropping a nuclear bomb on a town because you know there's a terrorist
living there."  Whereas Dennis McClain-Furman, a spokesman for the group
that organized the blocking of all postings to Usenet from UUNet, says:  "We
are convinced this action was necessary to save the Net... In military
terms, this is acceptable collateral damage."  (San Jose Mercury News 5 Aug 97)

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