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[DEBATE] French daily prints Diana crash picture on the Net (9/19/1997)

-> Ein neuer Internet-Skandal? Im Internet taucht ein angebliches
   Foto des Unfalls von Lady Di auf, und die Zeitungen stuerzen
   sich darauf...

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> Posted at 12:50 a.m. PDT Friday, September 19, 1997  [Image] [Home]
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> French daily prints Diana crash picture on the Net           [Index]
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> Reuters
> PARIS -- The popular Paris daily France-Soir
> published on its front page on Friday a photograph
> distributed on the Internet purporting to show a
> dying Princess Diana trapped in her companion's
> wrecked Mercedes.
> The photo, which shows rescue crews working to
> clear the tangle of metal around a blond woman with
> blood on her face, was first published by Italian
> media on Thursday.
> If genuine, it appeared to be the first of several
> ghoulish photographs that French judicial
> authorities think paparazzi took right after the
> August 31 crash in Paris that killed Diana, her
> companion Dodi Al Fayed and their driver.
> Nine photographers and a picture agency
> motorcyclist are being probed for possible
> manslaughter in connection with the paparazzi chase
> that the Al Fayed family says caused the high-speed
> crash. The issue of the photographers' role
> unleashed a furious debate about camera-toting
> celebrity stalkers.
> ``France-Soir has chosen to show what may be a
> document, even if it is not authenticated,''
> France-Soir said in its article under the picture,
> apparently taken looking into the Mercedes from the
> front of the wreck.
> The photograph was published on the Internet under
> the title ``Purported Accident Photo.''
> Rotten, a group specialising in displaying
> disturbing images on the worldwide computer system,
> said the photograph had arrived by e-mail but gave
> no hint of its origin.
> Sensationalist tabloids in Britain and the United
> States said they had been offered photographs of
> the British princess trapped inside the mangled
> vehicle but had rejected them.
> The German tabloid Bild printed a front-page photo
> the day after the crash showing faint images of the
> occupants of the car under the interior lights as
> emergency workers tried to free them.
> But the latest picture, apparently taken after the
> car's roof was cut off, goes further. A blonde head
> is visible with what appears to be blood on the
> face.
> Barely visible to one side is the hand and
> partially bald head of a man, presumably Diana's
> Egyptian millionaire companion Dodi Al Fayed, who
> also died in the smash.
> A famous shot of Diana has been superimposed on the
> bottom right corner of the picture, but Rotten said
> there seemed to be no evidence of collage other
> than this insert.
> The Italian news agency ANSA published a photograph
> of the Internet page on Thursday and the private
> television group Canale 5 also broadcast the
> Internet picture. The daily La Repubblica ran an
> article saying the picture of the ``dying
> princess'' was available on the Internet.
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