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Another constitutionality fight looms

Das neue Spiel heisst "Bombenbau". Man will die Anleitung 
dazu verbieten. Jetzt geht das wieder los, dass man Gesetze 
schafft, die Chemiebücher verbieten würden.....
Bei uns ist das wohl schon durch den Tatbestand der 
Anleitung zu Straftaten (in den 130ern StGB) abgedeckt.


>Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 13:41:06 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Stanton McCandlish <mech@eff.org>
>Subject: Another constitutionality fight looms
>To: ssteele@eff.org (Shari Steele), mnemonic@eff.org (Mike Godwin),
>        gilc-plan@gilc.org
>Reply-To: gilc-plan@gilc.org
>In case its slipped under anyone's radar, please see 
>for an update on the '98 defense spending bill, with Feinstein's
>unconstitutional ban on online bomb-making info (technically it's a ban
>on distribution of information about bombs or other "weapons of mass
>It's already passed the Senate and is about to pass the House.
>I think we need to make an immediate (i.e. day of Presidental
>signature) legal challenge.  If ACLU is already working on this (I would 
>not be surprised given the size of your legal stff), I'd think EFF and
>other organizations here would be happy to join forces with them.  If
>there is no plan yet, let's start making one.
>We may also need to be prepared to assist civil disobediants - I've
>already seen people swear they are going to put recipes for nerve-gas and
>other "weapons of mass destruction" in their signature files (similar
>to the RSA algorithm sigs in protest of the crypto export controls.)
>Non-US folks: This matters to you because if such a law passes here it is
>likely to spread to other legislative bodies just as CDA-type censorship
>of racy material did. 
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