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[DEBATE/Fwd] Congress may Legislate Domain Names

Die Ideen der (US-)Politiker zum Internet
werden auch immer absurder:

> 6:15pm  3.Oct.97.PDT The House Science Committee is
> considering drafting legislation to prevent the
> registration of top-level Internet domains like .com
> outside the United States, but will take no action
> until the Commerce Department puts forth its
> roadmap for domain names, a panel spokesman
> said today.
> [...]
> "American taxpayers, companies, and government
> built the Internet," Pickering said at the second
> domain-name hearing, earlier this week. "This is
> something uniquely American."
> [...]

Quelle: <http://www.wired.com/news/news/politics/story/7427.html>

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