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[DEBATE] FYI - RFC 2240: "A Legal Basis for Domain Name Allocation"

Der neue RFC 2240 schlaegt alternative neue Top-Level-
Domains im Internet vor, die sich am rechtlichen Status
der Beantrager orientieren:

>     LTD.UK   for limited companies in the UK
>     PLC.UK   for public companies in the UK
>     INC.US   for incorpated bodies in the US
>     CORP.US  for corporations in the US
>     GMBH.DE  for German companies

Sehr interessant auch die folgenden Vorschlaege:

>     TM.INT  } for international trademarks
>     REG.INT }

Bei den neuen gTDLs werden folgende Punkte
(IMHO voellig zu recht) kritisiert:

>  a) It creates confusion in users mind as to what TLD refers to a
>     particular organisation. For example, MCDONALDS.COM maybe the fast
>     food corporation and MCDONALDS.FIRM maybe a firm of lawyers, but
>     how is the user supposed to know which is which?
>  b) To prevent the above confusion, big corporations will simply
>     reserve all the different variations of the name, ie. IBM.COM,
>     IBM.FIRM, IBM.STORE etc. Thus we haven't solved the name
>     exhaustion or conflict problems, in fact we have made it worse.
>  c) Names of legitimate trade mark holders or other legally held names
>     can still be acquired by anybody, leading to potential conflicts.

Die Alternativorschlaege von RFC 2240 sind aber IMHO auch noch nicht
so richtig ueberzeugend. Wieso ist das eigentlich so schwierig?

Viele Gruesse,