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Spammer drohen AOL

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Marketers set to post AOL list on the Web 

By Karen Kaplan

A small Internet business group threatened yesterday to make public the
e-mail addresses of 1 million America Online users if the giant service
continues to bar the businesses from pitching their products online to AOL

The National Organization of Internet Commerce, of Chino, Calif., said it
would post the e-mail addresses on its Web site at the stroke of midnight
tonight, making them available for downloading by any business, group or
individual seeking to make mass electronic mailings.

The organization said it would leave the names posted for 24 hours unless
AOL offers small businesses a way to reach its 10 million members through
inexpensive electronic means.


"We really view this as an act of threatened cyber-terrorism and we don't
intend to give in to it," Randall Boe, associate general counsel for the
world's biggest Internet service provider, told The Times. "If they think it
will cause us to reconsider our position on unsolicited bulk e-mail, they're

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