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Internic may be required to return money (fwd)

To: cypherpunks@cyberpass.net
From: nobody@replay.com (Anonymous)
Subject: Internic may be required to return money

>         Court: Domain fees appear illegal
>         By Brock N. Meeks
>         WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 - A federal court Monday issued a
>         temporary injunction barring the federal government from
>         spending some $50 million it has collected from the
>         registration of Internet domain names. That money forms a
>         pool of funds intended to be spent for improving the
>         Internet. On Monday, the court sided with the plaintiffs in a
>         lawsuit that claims those fees constitute an illegal tax.
>         The temporary injunction "paves the way for our motion,
>         which we'll file in two days, to require NSI to return all
>         registration renewal fees which exceed the cost of
>         providing that service," attorney Bode said. "We think that
>         cost [to NSI for the registration process] is significantly less
>         than $10, probably $2 to $3," he said, "which would mean
>         that there would be a refund of approximately $100 million
>         in our judgment."