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                 One of the technologies Feith said he has been
                 most impressed with so far is from a small
                 Louisiana-based company called IP2. The
                 product attaches small Java applets to
                 copyrighted ortrademarked material that can
                 prevent both the downloading of material from a
                 website and the sending of downloaded
                 material from a user's computer to another

                 IP2's technology won't be released
                 commercially for several more months, said
                 Jordan Glogau, the company's president. But
                 beta testing has uncovered at least one major
                 case of infringement against a consumer
                 products company that could result in a legal
                 case, said Glogau, who said copyright
                 protection of marketing images is likely to
                 become a huge market.

                 Playboy is embedding viewable copyright
                 information in images with technology from
                 Portland, Ore.-based Digimarc. Although
                 Digimarc has also deployed Web-searching
                 technology, Playboy's copyright enforcement
                 efforts to date have relied primarily upon such
                 methods as manually patrolling newsgroups,
                 Feith said.

                 In recent months, Playboy has won millions of
                 dollars in monetary damages from fee-based
                 services that resold Playboy images gathered
                 from Internet newsgroups. In doing so, Playboy
                 has built a reputation as a strong defender of its
                 copyright images.

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