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gates: windows = open, unix = proprietary

Eine huebsche Antwort von Bill Gates im Economist diese Woche. Falls die
url nur mit subscription funktioniert: ganzer Artikel per mail.

-- Boris Groendahl.

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   Compete, don't delete [INLINE]
   In a leader and accompanying article in our issue of May 23rd, we
   argued that America's Justice Department was right to bring an
   antitrust case against Microsoft. We asked Bill Gates to respond, and
   this is his reply * [INLINE]


   Founded on open standards 
   In the American computer-services industry, more than 300,000 people
   work in jobs related to Microsoft software, making up an industry with
   $40 billion in annual revenues. There are more than twice as many
   opportunities for Windows-based computer-services careers in America
   than there are for jobs focused on the combined proprietary
   technologies of IBM, Novell, Oracle and Unix. Open standards are what
   create jobs-not regulation or the old, vertically integrated
   computer-industry model our competitors seek to resurrect. Open
   standards are the reason why PC sales have soared (see chart 1).