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Re: RIAA vs. Negativland on Copyright Issues

> Die Recording Industry Association of America (gemeinhin "MP3 Stasi"
> genannt) hat gewisse Probleme mit der Band Negativland. Negativland ist
> eine Gruppe, die ähnlich wie "Art of Noise", Samples zu experimentellen
> Soundcollagen verarbeitet und so aus Existierendem neue Kunst schafft.

Auf der /. Seite fand sich auch ein Link auf die Filmseite
die wiederum auf interessante Texte linkt.

Über den Film "Sonic Outlaws":

   This movie is about culture jammers, people who send out mixed signals
   to the media in order to cause a disturbance in a system that often
   goes without check. Some of the featured artists are: Negativland,
   Emergency Broadcast Network, and others.
Weitere Zitate

   Then we decided it was going to be turned into something of gratuitous
   exploitation. It was turning into that more and more.
   That what is so endlessly interesting about these media images...
   All of the psyche of the media world coming in from all around you.
   All this advertising, all this media subject. You turn the barrage
   back on itself.

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