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Neueste Entwicklungen im Kabelwesen.........


Subject: VITAL: FCC Releases Policy Consideration Paper on Internet
  Over Cable

<Thanks to NATOAN Fred Polner for the quick heads-up>

On September 3, the FCC's Office of Plans and Policy released a 118 page
policy report on internet over cable.  It sets out policy issues for the
Commission to consider as it moves to consider the regualtory framework of
internet over cable.

THIS IMPACTS CABLE OPS, FRANCHISORS, and just about everyone else
interested in the regulatory scheme of this type of service.

Here is the direct link to take you to the FCC's news release, and from
there to the Adobe PDF file of the the 118 page document:


Be sure that lots of words will be spoken and lots of ink will be spilled
on this subject, starting next week at NATOA's National Conference (
http://www.NATOA.org ).

Best to the list...

Jonathan Kramer
NATOA Director
SCTE Sr. Member