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Noch mal DOOM etc...

Ich finde ja weiterhin, dass an dem beruehmt/beruechtigten Urteil auf
der Ebene des einfachen Rechtes nichts auszusetzen ist. Rigo siehts
anders, egal ;-)

Aber hier nochmal, was ein Amiprof dazu aus der Sicht des amerikanischen
Verfassungsrechtes (!) schrieb, wegen deutschen TV und Kinderkram, die Clinton
tapes...........vielleicht interessierts ja noch, bevor ichs ganz vergesse,
fragte mich aber gerade, obs da nicht irgendwelche News gibt, weiterer

Also hier:
Heiko wrote:                                                                    
>I think, in contrast to most "analysts" here, that the decision is ok,         
>if you dont accept a general immunity of usenet; you would have to >change=20= 
the law=2E                                                                      
You also must accept that images of bestiality and violence are not=20=         
constitutionally protected (to put it in American terms), at least for=20=      
distribution of that material to adults=2E  There was an English translation    
the court's findings of fact and conclusions of law and they included=20=       
findings as to the availability of "Doom," not ok by US standards=2E            
>I dont dig why child pornography is more or less legal in the US=2E            
It is not legal in the US, at least if child pornography is defined as=20=      
depictions using actual minors engaged in sex acts=2E  Such material is=20=     
unprotected by the Constitution and illegal in all jurisdictions=2E  The        
simply are not that easy to enforce, especially over the Internet=2E