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[FYI] Echelon News

Zitate aus: http://www.jya.com/en092198.htm

European Parliament report accuses agency of widespread spying
A preliminary version of the report circulated overseas in recent months,
touching off heated debate, with front-page stories in Italy, France,
Scotland, England, Belgium and even Russia.
"The cat's well and true out of the bag," said Simon Davies, director of the
London-based watchdog group Privacy International. "I would argue that we
have made the grandest step in 50 years toward accountability of such
national security transparencies."
In one case, the NSA monitored talks between French electronics
company Thomson-CSF and the Brazilian government over sale of a
radar system. An unnamed U.S. company ended up winning the
contract, the paper said.

The paper also said the NSA listened in on 1990 negotiations
between Japan's NEC Corp. and the Indonesian government over the
purchase of telecommunications machinery.

It used the information to urge Jakarta to award half the contract
to AT&T, the paper said.

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