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[FYI] Canada frees crypto

Ein paar virtuelle Korken dürfen heute schon fliegen:


   Canada Frees Up Crypto
   by Matt Friedman 
   11:46 a.m.  1.Oct.98.PDT
   In a move that will almost certainly create friction between the US
   and Canada, the Canadian government has released a new cryptography
   policy that encourages the proliferation of powerful data-scrambling
   The policy, announced Thursday by John Manley, the minister of
   industry, makes it clear that Canadians will not have to submit to
   mandatory key recovery, which would give the government access to all
   scrambled communications. The document also heads off the
   establishment of a national public key infrastructure.
   "In terms of domestic policy, it couldn't be better," says David
   Jones, president of Electronic Frontier Canada. "Industry Canada is
   essentially saying that, domestically, you can pretty much do whatever
   you want with cryptography."
   An American civil liberties advocate was similarly impressed.
   "It is great. It's a policy for the 21st century, as opposed to the US
   government's policy update from last week, which is too little, too
   late," said Susan Landau, a cryptography policy expert and the
   co-author of Privacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and

PS: Muß ja nicht Alkohol sein...