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[Press cov. on CPSR conf] Group opposes Net privatization

FYI, was sonst so in Boston gelaufen ist...



Bericht folgt.

>Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 13:11:20 +0200
>From: Meryem Marzouki <meryem.marzouki@dial.oleane.com>
>Subject: [Press cov. on CPSR conf] Group opposes Net privatization
>To: gilc-plan@gilc.org
>Reply-To: gilc-plan@gilc.org
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>     [Image]           Group opposes Net privatization
>  Apple Computer
>Get FREE shipping      CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Fearing commercial interests
> on an iMac for a      may co-opt cyberspace, scores of educators,
>  limited time.        activists and computer professionals gathered
>  New Low Price        Saturday to marshal forces in a battle against
> Palm Pilot IIIs       privatizing the Internet.
> are now $299.95
>  while supplies       The two-day meeting, organized by Computer
>      last.            Professionals for Social Responsibility, aimed to
>                       bring together dozens of organizations with a
>  Product Search       stake in cyberspace.
>      [name]
>                       ''Like it or not, decisions are being made,
>                       strategies are being set up that will determine
>                       how we interact as a society, and it's not just a
>       Inside Tech     matter of getting government out of the way,''
>          FAQ/Tips     said Harry Hochheiser, director-at-large for CPSR,
>        Web Column     based in Palo Alto, Calif.
>         Hot Sites
>         Tech News     Among the topics at the two-day conference was a
>      Tech Reviews     Clinton administration proposal that would largely
>       Answer Desk     hand over management of Internet addresses, or
>         Game Zone     domain names, to a nonprofit corporation yet to be
>   Shareware Shelf     formed.
>      Web Potholes
>     Web Resources     The public has about a week to comment on the plan
>        Tech Front     before a decision is made by the White House.
>           [Image]     Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig, an
>           [Image]     expert in cyberspace law, criticized the plan. He
>          Hardware     said it places critical decisions about Internet
>       Accessories     development in the hands of a commercially minded
>          Software     corporation with a potentially self-perpetuating
>                       board.
>         Resources
>             Index     Such an entity is unlikely to pay much heed to
>            Search     democratic values such as privacy, free speech and
>          Feedback     due process, he said. ''If government doesn't
>        What's hot     protect those values, who will?''
>          About us
>       Jobs at USA     Lessig also spoke of the broad challenges facing
>             TODAY     policy makers: ''We're building the most
>                       significant jurisdiction since the Louisiana
>                       Purchase, but it's outside of the control of
>   [Image]             traditional Constitutional values,'' Lessig said.
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