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Re: FYI: new STOA report

> >http://www.nrc.nl/W2/Lab/Echelon/stoa2sept1998.html


   According to Privacy International, the UK is likely to find its
   'Special relationship' ties fall foul of its Maastricht obligations
   since Title V of Maastricht requires that "Member States shall inform
   and consult one another within the Council on any matter of foreign
   and security policy of general interest in order to ensure that their
   combined influence is exerted as effectivelly as possible by means of
   concerted and convergent action." Yet under the terms of the Special
   relationship, Britain cannot engage in open consultatuion with its
   other European partners. The situation is further complicated by
   counter allegations in the French magazine Le Point, that the French
   are systematically spying on American and other allied countries
   telephone and cable traffic via the Helios 1A Spy sattelite. (Times,
   June 17 1998)

Stephan's Theorem of Surveillance:  You don't need plain text if 
you have traffic analysis and a 100 per cent lie detector.
Lemma:  Cryptanalysis is irrelevant.