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Re: [FYI] PSINet haelt das Netz sauber

In <m0zYnaQ-0007nZC@fwd04.btx.dtag.de> Horns@t-online.de (Axel H. Horns) writes:
>                      zweiten Fall durchlaufen zusätzlich auch die
>                      Inhalte von Newsrooms, Chats und E-Mails eine
>                      zentrale Kontrolle. Bei unerwünschten Inhalten

Das d"urfe ihnen bei News demn"achst ziemlich leicht sein -- mangels Traffic:

>From: spamless@pacbell.net (Doug Mackall)
>Newsgroups: news.admin.announce
>Subject: UDP Notice:  PSINet
>Message-ID: <MPG.10a1771dcd40be219896df-NAA@news.pacbell.net>
>Date: 29 Oct 1998 14:48:26 GMT
>Followup-To: news.admin.net-abuse.usenet
>Organization: Cabal Network Security
>Lines: 69
>Approved: barr@cis.ohio-state.edu

Posted to: 


Followup to: 


Because of the overwhelming quanties of spam originating from PSI's news 
servers, as well as the ~100% spam content from certain PSI dialup POPs, 
a Full Active Usenet Death Penalty shall be levied upon PSINet at the 
close of business, 17:00 PST, Wednesday, November 4, 1998.

As has been adequately demonstrated by several persons posting hard data
to news.admin.net-abuse.usenet, and news.admin.net-abuse.sightings, 
the percentage of spam issuing forth from PSI's own pubxfer server as 
well as the several servers available through PSI POPS, is completely 

Because of PSI's past actions which involved a very short term drop in 
numbers following discussion of a Usenet Death Penalty, this issue never 
made it past the early discussion phase, and certainly not to the point 
of any formal notification.
Because of this past behavior, a dramatic drop in spam output, while the 
ultimate goal of this action, must be maintained at a tolerable level 
over a reasonable period of time instead of a few days as has been the 
case in the past.

Therefore, the UDP shall remain in force until such time as PSINet 
demonstrates that it is actively and effectively dealing with the abuses 
originating from its news servers and POPs, and shall remain under a UDP 
notice for a period of six months following the cessation of the active 

If during this time the levels of spam output approach what Usenet is 
currently having to bear from PSINet, the UDP will be reinstated 
immediately and without warning, although public notification shall be 
given at the time of the UDP's resumption.

As always in these matters it is sincerely hoped by all concerned that 
PSINet solve its spam problem by whatever means it sees fit before 
this situation escalates any further.

Technical notes:

Sites not wishing to participate in this action have the option of 
aliasing out the psuedosite !psinetudp! from their servers/newsfeeds.

Sites not wishing to participate in any UDPs may alias out the psuedosite
!udpcancel! from their servers/newsfeeds.

Douglas Mackall

For a copy of the guidelines to this group, see:


End of forwarded message.

               Martin Schr"oder, MS@Dream.KN-Bremen.DE
Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a 
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