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[Fwd: Europe Endorses Internet-Address Reform Plan]

tssia, gerade frisch über GILC



Yaman Akdeniz wrote:
> Technology News
>                 Europe Endorses Internet-Address
>                  Reform Plan
>                  (11/05/98 8:23 a.m. ET)
>                  By Reuters
>                  BRUSSELS, Belgium -- The European Union welcomed on
>                  Wednesday a U.S. plan for reforming the
>                  Internet-address system, saying earlier concerns
>                  about global representation had been met.
>                  "We have been informed of widespread support for this
>                  proposal both from the [European Union] member states
>                  and from the private sector in Europe," said European
>                  Telecommunications Commissioner Martin Bangemann in a
>                  letter to U.S. Commerce Secretary William Daley.
>                  However, Bangemann said the European Commission --
>                  Europe's executive body -- was reviewing a related
>                  deal aimed at phasing out the exclusive right of
>                  Herndon, Va.-based Network Solutions to register
>                  names in the most popular segment of the Internet.
>                  The commission wanted to ensure the deal, negotiated
>                  by the U.S. Commerce Department, was consistent with
>                  European Union competition rules, he said.
>                  Bangemann was reacting to a Clinton administration
>                  plan for ending the U.S. government's management of
>                  the numerical address system that routes Internet
>                  traffic, such as a request to view a Web page or send
>                  e-mail.
>                  It involves setting up a new nonprofit corporation in
>                  California, the Internet Corporation for Assigned
>                  Names and Numbers, which will be run by an
>                  international board of directors.
>                  It will also end Network Solutions' monopoly over
>                  registration of Internet addresses ending in the
>                  sought-after suffixes known as top-level domains
>                  .com, .org, and .net. The company must allow
>                  competing companies to register those names in its
>                  database.
>                  The new corporation will have the authority to
>                  introduce further competition into the address
>                  registration system.
>                  Europe's Internet community and the commission
>                  criticized an earlier Commerce Department proposal
>                  for reforming the Internet-address system, saying it
>                  gave U.S. interests too much control.
>                  Bangemann said he was satisfied with the current
>                  plan's effort to ensure balanced international
>                  representation in the new corporation.
>                  He praised provisions, saying no more than half the
>                  board members can be citizens of any one geographic
>                  region and each region must have at least one board
>                  representative.