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[FYI] A global action plan for business with governments towards

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Category : Miscellaneous

General Information : 

During the Ministerial Conference on electronic commerce held in
Ottawa, Canada, from 7 to 9 October 1998, the International Chamber of
Commerce presented "A global action plan for business with governments
towards electronic commerce". This presents a range of views from
organisations such as the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to
the OECD, the Global Information Infrastructure Commission, the
International Telecommunications Users Group, and the World
Information Technology and Services Alliance. 

The overall aim of the conference was to address key issues
surrounding the evolution of electronic commerce, and to develop a set
of measures to promote it on a global basis in order to realise its
full economic and social potential. The action plan is proposed as a
reference point for all relevant business and government organisations
to contribute to the development of rules for a stable and predictable
electronic commerce environment in an efficient and transparent

Data Source Provider : European Certification Authority Forum

Document Reference : Electronic commerce global action plan.

Subject Index Codes : Telecommunications; Information Processing,
Information Systems

Contact Person : 

For a copy of the action plan, please contact: 

The European Forum for Advanced Business Communications 
Alexander House 
High Street 
Worcestershire, WR7 4DT 
United Kingdom 
Tel. +44-1386-793028, Fax +44-1386-793268 
E-mail: info@eema.org 
URL: http://www.eema.org/ 

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