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Microsoft Saw Linux As Copyright Threat
By Andy Patrizio, TechWeb
Nov 9, 1998 (5:16 PM)
URL: http://www.techweb.com/wire/story/TWB19981109S0022 

A recently leaked internal Microsoft memo outlining the threat posed
by Linux showed that the company has considered taking legal action
against the free operating system.

"Halloween II" was the second of three memos written by Vinod
Valloppillil, a program manager for Microsoft Proxy Server, describing
how Linux could hurt demand for Windows NT, particularly in the server

In a section titled "Process Vulnerabilities," Valloppillil wrote that
Linux will "cream skim" NT Server's best features. He added, "The
Linux community is very willing to copy features from other OSes if it
will serve their needs. Consequently, there is the very real long-term
threat that as MS expends the development dollars to create a bevy of
new features in NT, Linux will simply cherry pick the best features
and incorporate them into their codebase." 

Valloppillil concluded: "The effect of patents and copyright in
combating Linux remains to be investigated." 


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