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[FYI] Noch'n Filterprogramm

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          November 16, 1998

          Windows security software
          SOS Pro effectively combines data protection,
          Internet filtering 

          By Todd Coopee

          It is often said in football that the best offense
          is a good defense. The same is true for IS
          managers trying to support end-users in the
          enterprise; but here, the best defense usually
          involves protecting users from themselves. Save
          Our System Pro (SOS Pro), Version 1.5, from
          Sterling Strategic Solutions, helps managers do
          this by offering data protection and Internet
          filtering in one package.

          Although PC-protection and Internet-filtering
          products are not new on the software scene,
          SOS Pro is one of the first I have encountered
          that combines both in a reasonably priced
          package. And beyond a few quirks, it's a
          generally useful utility.


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