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FYI: RMS zu Halloween

In einem knappen und klaren Statement distanziert sich RMS
vom hysterischen Microsoft-Bashing und bekräftigt die bisherige

(Is Microsoft the Great Satan? - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation(FSF))

Er schließt:

   Secrecy and patents do threaten free software. They have obstructed us
   greatly in the past, and we must expect they will do so in the future.
   But this is no different from what was going to happen even if
   Microsoft had never noticed us. The only real significance of the
   ``Halloween documents'' is that Microsoft seems to think that the
   GNU/Linux system has the potential for great success.
   Thank you, Microsoft, and please get out of the way.

"Ausbildung: keine, wie sich das gehört in der EDV." (Effenberger, Sixt)