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[FYI] (Fwd) ACTION ALERT: Prevent the FBI from Monitoring Cell P

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Date:          Mon, 30 Nov 1998 18:18:49 -0500
To:            paulwolf@icdc.com
From:          Paul Wolf <paulwolf@icdc.com>
Subject:       ACTION ALERT: Prevent the FBI from Monitoring Cell Phone

Fwd: Prevent the FBI from Monitoring All Americans!
Date: Wednesday, November 25, 1998 
From: owner-action@aclu.org

1. Big Brother Wants to Know Where You Are, and With Whom You're

The FBI is pressuring the FCC to expand the ways in which the agency
can monitor us and listen in on our private Internet communications.
It has asked the FCC for permission to use an individual's cellular
phone as a location tracking device. It also wants access to
information you send over the Internet using e-mail and other modes of
Internet communication like ICQ, Freetel, and Netmeeting. (The FCC
calls this "packet mode communications.")   Before making its ruling
on the FBI's request, the FCC is seeking comments on whether federal
law enforcement agencies should be able to use cell phones as tracking
devices and have easier access to the content of our private Internet


Tell the FCC that that the FBI is not authorized and should not be
allowed to track every American at will. You can learn more about the
issue and send a FREE FAX from the ACLU web site at:


**Note: The deadline for submitting comments to the FCC on this issue is
December 14, 1998. Please do not forward or otherwise re-distribute
this information without including this deadline.