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From: Nicola Bernardini <nicb@axnet.it>
cc: Csound Linux List <csound-unix-dev@ilogic.com.au>
Subject: Re: [CUD] getopt_long()...

Sorry I reply so late, my mail provider was attacked by a hord of
turkish pirates who are furious at italians because they don't deliver
Ocalan (the curd leader) to them so they can kill him (sounds more a
medieval story but I swear to god it's true...).

Welchen Gott meint er denn?

Außerdem: BR5 meldete am Tag der Festnahme, Öcalan's Handy
sei vom israelischen Geheimdienst abgehört worden.  Was spricht
eigentlich gegen eine Mossad-Beteiligung an Echelon?

yarec-0.61 is out, and it's bugless!