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[FYI] Diana als ECHELON-Target?

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                  NSA Admits to Holding Secret Information
                  on Princess Diana

                  By Vernon Loeb
                  Washington Post Staff Writer
                  Saturday, December 12, 1998; Page A13 

                  The National Security Agency has disclosed that U.S.
                  intelligence is holding 1,056 pages of classified
                  information about the late Princess Diana, inspiring
                  a flurry of sensational headlines this week across
                  London's tabloids.


                  Diana, the official insisted, was never a "target"
                  of the NSA's massive, worldwide electronic
                  eavesdropping infrastructure. The NSA system sucks
                  up millions of electronic signals from around the
                  world every hour, but only "targeted" communications
                  are actually analyzed and deciphered after a vast
                  array of supercomputers sort them out on the basis
                  of programmed search terms, such as "Saddam


                  Those documents, the NSA denial said, had been
                  classified top secret "because their disclosure
                  could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally
                  grave damage to the national security."

                  If unclassified and released, one U.S. intelligence
                  official explained, the damage would be caused not
                  by the information about Diana, but because the
                  documents would disclose "sources and methods" of
                  U.S. intelligence gathering. 

                           c Copyright 1998 The Washington Post

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