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[FYI] (Fwd) London: Panik 31.12.1999

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Subject:       FC: British Home Scretary on Y2K alert; will Tube stay open?
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[I am back (or almost back) from a holiday vacation and so is politech.

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>Subject: British Home Scretary on Alert for Y2K
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>>From today's The Times, one of the few survivors from Tony Blairs cabinet
>has been put on alert for Y2K in case of a domestic crisis.
>December 28 1998  BRITAIN
>Straw 'on alert' for millennium
>JACK STRAW has been told that, as Home Secretary, he must stay in London
>during next year's millennium celebrations in case of a serious breakdown in
>public order or a national emergency.
>Officials have given him a warning that prolonged festivities and possible
>problems connected with the millennium computer bug could trigger a domestic
>It has been agreed by the Cabinet that it will be Mr Straw's job to ensure
>the safety of citizens and, in the event of disruption to vital services, he
>will activate the Cabinet Office's crisis control centre.
>The Civil Contingency Committee - known in Whitehall as the "Triple C" and
>chaired by Mr Straw - would monitor any problems, and decide on the callout
>of troops and their movements as well as distribution of a central supply.
>Chief constables are also shortly to decide whether all police leave should
>be cancelled for the period. Emergency planning officers will be on standby
>and have set in place a network of duty workers.
>The moves by senior government officials are to ensure that millennium
>festivities are trouble-free. Officials have sought a commitment from local
>authorities that they have adequate plans to evacuate, transport, shelter,
>feed and treat people in any eventuality.
>Senior Home Office officials have been testing emergency systems for more
>than a year to ensure they will not be affected by the date change to 2000.
>One strategy being proposed in London is that we all stay at home to avoid
>any disruption:
>In brief: Police call for Tube shutdown
>Police have called on London Transport to shut the entire Tube network on
>the millennium New Year^Os Eve amid fears of dangerous overcrowding.
>Although the government is keen for the Tube network to stay open, senior
>police officers are afraid that staff absenteeism, combined with signal
>failures caused by the millennium bug, will lead to chaos, with central
>London becoming overcongested.


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