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[FYI] GnuPG: Freie Krypto für die Welt

Aus Erichs "depesche".... Comments? Mir fehlt immer 
noch eine Version, die RSA unterstützt für OpenPGP

Wann fällt das Patent?



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>Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 16:05:25 +0100
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>Subject: GnuPG: Freie Krypto für die Welt
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>GnuPG: Freie Krypto für die Welt
>Das ist die einzig wahre Antwort auf die Verschärfung des 
>Wassenaarvertrags: Ein neues Verschlüssungsprogramm, 
>stark,  PGP-kompatibel & natürlich Open Source.
>Gnu-PG liegt in einer ersten Beta vor, wir ersuchen die p.t. 
>Zyffer/Zampanos auf der Liste höflichst um eine 
>als vorgezogenes post/scrypt für 1999 gilt: Echelon muss 
>draussen bleiben - get free crypto now!
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>GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP. 
>Because it does not use IDEA or RSA it can be used without 
>any restrictions. GnuPG is nearly in compliance with 
>RFC2440 (OpenPGP). 
>And what about Wassenaar? Don't Panic: The General 
>Software Note explicitly says that software in the "public 
>domain" is not controlled by this list. 
>Full replacement of PGP. Does not use any patented 
>algorithms. GPLed, written from scratch. Can be used as a 
>filter program. Implements the PGP packet format as 
>described in RFC1991 with some enhancements and will be 
>compatible to OpenPGP. Better functionality than PGP and 
>some security enhancements. Decrypts and verifies PGP 5.x 
>messages. Supports ElGamal (signature and encryption), 
>DSA, 3DES, Blowfish, Twofish, CAST5, MD5, SHA-1, RIPE-
>MD-160 and TIGER. Easy implementation of new algorithms 
>using extension modules. User id is created in a standard 
>format. Support for a key expiration date. Brazilian, French, 
>German, Italian, Russian and Spanish language support. 
>Online help system Optional anonymous message receivers. 
>GnuPG is now in beta test and we are working towards a 1.0 
>version. It is already quite stable but we have to do more 
>Not yet done: 
>A Manual. A new keyserver system. 
>Supported Systems 
>GnuPG works fine on GNU/Linux with x86, alpha, sparc64, 
>m68k or powerpc CPUs. (x86 is my primary development 
>system, the other CPUs are only checked from time to time) 
>It compiles okay on GNU/Hurd but because Mach has no 
>random device, it should not be used for real work. It should 
>be easy to add the random device driver from Linux to the 
>Hurd - Anyone? 
>FreeBSD with x86 CPU works fine. OpenBSD works fine 
>(x86 CPU?). 
>GnuPG compiles and runs on many more systems, but due 
>to the lack of a good random number source, it should not be 
>used on these systems. I have reports on these systems: 
>HPUX v9.x and v10.x with HPPA CPU, IRIX v6.3 with MIPS 
>R10000 CPU, SunOS, Solaris on sparc and x86, Windoze 95 
>and WNT with x86 CPUs. 
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