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[FYI] Library Is Sued Over Boy's Access to Pornography


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              Library Is Sued Over Boy's Access to Pornography 
                 Internet: Mother says lack of blocking software
                 violated 12-year-old's right
              to a safe place. Livermore officials fear being forced
              to act as censors. By JOHN M. GLIONNA, Times Staff

                           Ten times last summer, a 12-year-old boy
                           visited the Livermore Public Library,
                      floppy disk in hand, and took his place at the
                      public computer ports. 
                           There he downloaded dozens of sexually
                           explicit images from
                      the Internet, which he later printed on a
                      relative's computer and showed to friends around
                           When the boy's mother learned about the
                           photographs, her
                      wrath was swift: She sued the library and the
                      city for allowing her son access to the obscene


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