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[FYI] viri

>From: henry@spsystems.net (Henry Spencer)
>Newsgroups: sci.space.news
>Subject: space news from Nov 16 AW&ST
>Message-ID: <770jub$k2b@netline.jpl.nasa.gov>
>Date: 6 Jan 1999 21:18:03 GMT


As if Sea Launch didn't have trouble enough, now its computers (as well as
those of some other Boeing projects) have come down with a massive virus
infection.  The viruses apparently spread via documents about Sea Launch
export compliance, which were widely distributed to staff in the wake of
the project's recent government problems.  Boeing had few defences in
place, and was slow to act because the viruses initially seemed harmless. 


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Gibt es eigentlich seri"ose Sch"atzungen "uber den volkswirtschaftlichen
Schaden von M$-Makroviren?


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