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[FYI] Europe plans huge spy web


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Europe plans huge spy web


To the dismay of advocates of strong encryption, Enfopol will function
on the principle that all code must be capable of being broken. The
Enfopol system will be aided by a "subject tagging" system capable of
tracking targets wherever they travel. Known as the "International
User Requirements for Interception" (IUR), the tagging system will
create a data processing and transmission network that involves not
only the names, addresses and phone numbers of targets and associates,
but email addresses, credit card details, PINs and passwords.

The move to establish Enfopol follows a five-year lobbying exercise by
American agencies such as the FBI. When completed, the system will
provide a global interception regime.

But the proposal has infuriated civil liberties and Internet rights
organisations. Ian Brown, technology policy director of Privacy
International calls, it a "sniper's bullet to the heart of privacy".

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