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[FYI] COST 254 workshop 05.-07.05.1999

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1998 

 Record Control Number : 11888 
                             Date : 1999-01-11 

Category : Event

General Information : 

The COST 254 workshop on intelligent communications and applications
with special emphasis on mobile communications will be held in
Neuchatel, Switzerland, on 5 to 7 May 1999. The workshop continues a
series of meetings in the European Commission's programme for COST
Action 254, which deals with all aspects related to "intelligent
processing and facilities for communication terminals". 

The workshop aims to promote discussions of recent developments in the
field. It also aims to highlight results and their potential impact on
advanced applications. It will emphasise mobile communications and
foster interaction between research groups and industries - including
small and medium sized business enterprises - at an international

The workshop will comprise the following six sessions. 
- Invited tutorials and talks, reviewing the state-of-the-art, or
presenting relevant advances in selected areas or topics; - Poster
sessions for contributed papers; - A demonstration session to present
practical and applied results; - Round tables to analyze trends and
policies; - Information sessions on the future of COST Telecom, and on
the Fifth Framework programme; and; - Informal sessions to establish
connections for further cooperation. 

The conference organisers have announced a first call for papers for
presentations at the workshop. The following topics are of particular

- Basic functionalities for communication; 
- Source coding (speech, audio, image, video); 
- Channel coding, and joint source/channel coding; 
- Wireless communications; 
- Advanced communication technologies; 
- Intelligent signal processing algorithms and techniques; 
- Algorithm prototyping and implementation tools for communicating
technologies; - Software and hardware for terminals; - Applications;
and; - Emerging standards. 

The conference is being organised with the support of the EU COST
organisation Secretariat and the Swiss Federal Office for Education
and Science (BBW/OFES). 

Remarks : 

The closing date for submission of extended paper summaries is 1 March
1999. The closing date for submission of abstracts is 9 April 1999.
The closing date for submission of papers is 5 May 1999. 

Data Source Provider : Swisscore

Document Reference : Swisscore: First announcement and call for

Programme Acronym : COST

Subject Index Codes : Information Processing, Information Systems;
Telecommunications; Coordination, Cooperation

Contact Person : 

For more information, please contact: 

Alain Dufaux and Laurent Besacier 
Institute of Microtechnology, Uni-Neuchatel 
Rue A.-L. Breguet 2 
CH - 2000 Neuchatel 
Tel. +4132-7183420; Tel. +4132-7183438; Fax +4132-7183402 
E-mail: cost.254@imt.unine.ch 
URL: http://www-imt.unine.ch/cost/