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[FYI] (Fwd) CHINA IP NEWS LETTER 1999.01.26

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[E9008] Hackers to Die

Two hackers who broke into a bank computer network and stole 260,000
yuan RMB (US31,400) have been sentenced to death in Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Province, Shanghai based Wenhui Daily reported. It marked the
country's first case of bank robbery through a remote device. The two
opened 16 accounts under various names in a branch of the bank in
September and later broke into the branch to install a controlling
device in a bank computer terminal. They used the device to
electronically wire 720,000 yuan RMB (US$87,000) in non-existent
deposits into the bank accounts. Afterwards, they successfully
withdrew 260,000 yuan RMB from eight different branches of the bank.
All the money has since been recovered.