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[FYI] Lots of Hype for `Secret' Web Fashion Show


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                     Lots of Hype for `Secret' Web Fashion Show 

                     SUZANNE C. RYAN 
                     c.1999 The Boston Globe

                              When Victoria's Secret paraded
                              bra-and-panty-clad Tyra Banks and
                     Stephanie Seymour across TV screens for a mere 30
                     seconds during the Super Bowl Sunday, a reported
                     1 million people turned away from the game to log
                     on to the Web address promoted in the ad. 

                              It turned out to be a brilliant
                              marketing idea. 

                              The combination of sports, sex, fashion,
                              TV, and the Internet proved
                     irresistible and it has set advertising
                     executives everywhere abuzz over future
                     possibilities. ``It's a whole new world. Kudos
                     for them for trying to capture this opportunistic
                     situation. It was very smart to use as an
                     advertising vehicle for the Super Bowl,'' says
                     Tom Julian, a fashion trend analyst for the New
                     York ad agency Fallon McElligott. 

                              Says Ed Razek, chief creative officer at
                              Victoria's Secret: ``What other
                     commercial has triggered a million people to
                     immediately get up and do something? . . . During
                     an event that big, we were able to change their
                     behavior and switch their programming. It's never
                     been done before.'' 


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