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[FYI] Interviews mit David Kahn

[Interviews mit David Kahn, Autor u.a. von "The Codebreakers" aus dem 
Jahr 1997, also nicht anz taufrisch. Aber nichtsdestoweniger 
relevant. --AHH]





-------------------------------- CUT --------------------------------

Following are the raw transcripts of an on-camera interview conducted
during the summer of 1997 with Mr. David Kahn for "Secrets of War."

Please keep in mind that these transcripts are truly "raw" and thus
have not been edited or checked for spelling and accuracy.


                                 All rights reserved.

                             c 1997 The Documedia Group.

                           Transcript of interview #S3013

          Q: We are talking with David Kahn, uh, author of the book
          "Code Breaker", among many others.....

          DK: Actually the book is "The Code Breakers" 

          Q: "The Code Breakers", I meant that. And we're at the
          Algonquin Hotel, April 18th, 1997. And, let's talk about the
          ....?..., and the enigma machine was developed ...?..., and
          what is it?

          DK: Can I begin? I'd love to begin with W.W.I., can we do

          Q: Absolutely.


-------------------------------- CUT --------------------------------