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[FYI] Further MI5 Records Released


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                                     Further MI5 Records Released

                                  Security Service Records 1914-1945

                                 Records of the Security Service 
                                          1914 to 1945
                                       Information about the key
                                  documents released, including some

                                   Class Lists of New Records
                                  Catalogue descriptions for
                                     contain no images of documents

                                  The Secret Service1909-1945:
                                       The Official History
                                       Order this and other related 
                                     publications from our Bookshop

                                      Security Service (MI5)
                                First World War Historical Reports
                                    The release of the first MI5
                                      which took place in March 1998

                                   The Public Records System 
                                  and Access to Public Records
                                Explains about the extended closure
                                rules under 
                                   which these records have been

                                         Getting Started
                                   Explains everything you need to
                                if you want to see the records in
                                person at Kew

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