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[FYI] Im Orbit


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                              U.S. reluctant to launch
                              Canadian satellite
                              Americans worried data could be sold to

                              Gloria Galloway
                              National Post 

                              A Canadian-built satellite that will be
                              able to see objects on Earth that are as
                              small as three- metres wide has raised
                              the concern of the U.S. national

                              Canadian and American negotiators are
                              attempting to reach an agreement that
                              would see NASA launch the Radarsat-2
                              satellite in November, 2001. 

                              But American intelligence experts have
                              expressed strong reservations that the
                              data obtained could be sold to

                              "Any satellite imagery that goes below
                              five-metres resolution, if sold to
                              non-government users, is considered a
                              threat to the U.S. national security,"
                              said Hugues Gilbert, the director of
                              strategic development for the Canadian
                              Space Agency. 


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