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[FYI] Zur Geschichte von ULTRA


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                 The Code-Breakers 

                 By ABRAHAM RABINOVICH 

                 (February 3) -- Two Israelis who took part in World
                 War II's 'Ultra' project recall how Britain's
                 successful effort to crack Germany's top-secret
                 military codes played a decisive role in the defeat
                 of the Nazis.

                 The message in German that passed
                 across Walter Ettinghausen's desk
                 was one of tens of thousands he had
                 seen since arriving in Bletchley Park,
                 80 kilometers north of London, early
                 in the war. It seemed inconsequential
                 in the context of the cosmically secret
                 work being carried out there, but the
                 message contained a brief phrase that
                 he would still recall more than half a
                 century later.


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