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Fw: [ISN] Hackers Seize UK Military Satellite

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Von: mea culpa <jericho@dimensional.com>
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Datum: Montag, 1. März 1999 13:46
Betreff: [ISN] Hackers Seize UK Military Satellite

:[Moderator: I am extremely skeptical about this. After reading about it, I
: could only assume it was an inside job for several reasons. Any list
: reader privy to more information to support or debunk this article?]
:Forwarded From: Blue Fish <11a@gmx.net>
:Sunday February 28 6:41 AM ET
:Hackers Seize UK Military Satellite - Report
:LONDON (Reuters) - Hackers have seized control of one of Britain's
:military communication satellites and issued blackmail threats, The Sunday
:Business newspaper reported.
:The paper, quoting security sources, said the intruders altered the course
:of one of Britain's four satellites which are used by defense planners and
:military forces around the world.
:The sources said the satellite's course was changed just over two weeks
:ago. The hackers then issued a blackmail threat, demanding money to stop
:interfering with the satellite.
:``This is a nightmare scenario,'' said one intelligence source. Military
:strategists said that if Britain were to come under nuclear attack, an
:aggressor would first interfere with military communications systems.
:``This is not just a case of computer nerds mucking about. This is very,
:very serious and the blackmail threat has made it even more serious,'' one
:security source said.
:Police said they would not comment as the investigation was at too
:sensitive a stage. The Ministry of Defense made no comment.
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